I am interested in primitive artefacts, history, architecture, archaeology, folklore and natural forms, elements of which ebb and flow in some aspects of my work. My current work with medieval mark making is providing me with a basis to consolidate a range of ideas into a new body of work.

Judith Duvall

I have always had a great enthusiasm for art and a life-long interest in the creative and technical challenges inherent in fine art printmaking.

I am a member of Leicester Print Workshop, and Sheffield Printmakers.

Lino Prints

I like the idea of the ‘unknown and unexpected’ as this gives me the opportunity to exploit accidental marks and textures through layering colour and experimenting with different inking techniques. At some point in the process the image ‘speaks’ and it is then I begin to consolidate these elements into the final print.

Monotype prints

Monotype allows me the freedom to make unique 'one off' prints in a similar way to painting. I enjoy working in an intuitive way using a range of drawing/mark making techniques and exploring different methods of applying ink.


In 2004 during a visit to Northern China I was introduced to early Chinese paper cuts and large-scale calligraphic imagery. The process of undertaking what initially appears to be a simple process of cutting paper into complex finely realised images continues to stimulate my thinking and working practices.